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What we offer

With the MEDInsights NEWS offer, we provide you with a professional monitoring system that is a powerful tool for the development of an innovative, efficient and sustainable healthcare system

Our database, which is updated on a daily basis, makes it possible to find out about new innovative solutions for caregivers and patients around the world at any time

The MEDInsights NEWS offering is inspired by the success of our InnoVSCovid19 solidarity initiative, launched in April 2020, which now lists more than 1,600 non-medical innovations worldwide related to the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Our ambition

To offer you the most qualitative database in the world in the field of innovative health products

to take advantage of current progress and make a useful contribution to the revolution in better living and ageing that is taking shape today.

prevention & diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence, connected health, new imaging technologies…


New drug delivery methods, innovations in self-injectable devices, new technologies for ingestible devices, nanocapsules…

Patient comfort

Teleconsultation, new home medical equipment, Silver Tech solutions, post-op articles

5 areas of exploration…

Through continuous and updated monitoring of innovations covering all fields of diagnosis, treatment, understanding of diseases and support for patients, the objective is to provide you with an enlightened vision and a forward-looking view of the medicine of the future.

Pathology monitoring

Remote medical monitoring, sensors, mobile applications for monitoring medication intake, Internet of Things, Digital Therapeutics…

Assistance to the medical staff

Digital modelling and 3D printing, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, surgical robotics, tele-expertise and remote medical assistance, medical and paramedical equipment, hygiene and infectious risk prevention solutions…

A global database of medical innovations and innovative medical devices

(since Nov. 2021)


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To the evolution of the patient care pathway

With MEDInsights News, we offer you to increase your knowledge by identifying innovations related to your specialty and to secure your practices by allowing you to acquire the most innovative medical devices

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To improving the quality of the health system

With MEDInsights News, we offer you the opportunity to improve the daily life of caregivers and the care of patients

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To the modernisation of the health care system

With MEDInsights News, we propose to prepare you for the future evolution of the relationship between patients and doctors and to anticipate the advent of a more preventive than curative, more personalized and more efficient medicine

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